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  Kuchipudi is the official dance of Andra pradesh in South India. Kuchipudi originated from a small village called Kuchipudi. For years long the art was presented only in Temples. During the festivals of Andra Pradesh. Traditionally Kuchipudi was performed only by men that too men from Brahmin family. These Brahmin families were known as Bhavathalu. Of Kuchipudi. It started in 1502 AD. Their dance programs were offered to God and women were not allowed to join the group.

Kuchipudi was enriched with the entry of female dancers. Renowned gurus like Vedantam Lakshmi Narayana Sastry, Chinta Krishnamurthy and Tadepalli Perayya, broadened the horizons of the dance form. The reforms brought in have led to the women playing the male parts in this dance form.
The Kuchipudi dance begins with worship rituals. A dancer moves about sprinkling holy water, and then incense is burned. Indra-dhvaja (the flagstaff of the god Indra) is planted on the stage to guard the performance against outside interference. Women sing and dance with worship lamps, followed by the worship of Ganesha, the elephant god, who is traditionally petitioned for success before all enterprises. The bhagavatha (stage manager-singer) sings invocations to the goddesses Saraswati (Learning), Lakshmi (Wealth), and Parashakti (Parent Energy), in between chanting drum syllables.

"If one misses seeing and knowing about Kuchipudi dance, one also misses seeing a great deal of living dance forms and the ancient theories in their fullness. Kuchipudi dance traditions was initiated and built up by a Saint worshipper of lord Krishna, Siddhendra Yogi. The dance display is considered a form of worship. The actor forgets his little self, the deep rooted ego, and steps out of the upadhi, the caged existence of himself and identifies himself with the spirit and essence that of the "OTHER MIND" a transcendental experience that could be achieved only by expertise, training, discipline and high cultural attainment. Dance story is the seed, the tree is the production, the flowering and bearing of fruit are the display of the dance play and the resultant juicy edible is tasted by the spectators. The accomplishment on a higher plane is achieved. Such is the Kuchipudi dance performance.
Famous Kuchipudi Dancers
Bhavana Reddy
Kaushalya Reddy
Raja & Radha Reddy
Yamini Reddy
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