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Famous Kuchipudi Dancers  
Raja and Radha Reddy
  Raja & Radha Reddy

The world-renowned dancing couple, Raja and Radha Reddy, has given a new dimension to the age-old art of? Kuchipudi? Indian Classical dance form, without sacrificing the traditional poetry or dramatic sensibility.

With rare excellence and perfection of technique, Raja and Radha Reddy stand tall on the highest stage of Kuchipudi dance style today. They hail from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, which is also the birth place of Kuchipudi style of Indian classical dance. Though their beginning was humble, through sheer hard-work and passion they have become legendary figures of dance in India.

The unique art of Raja and Radha Reddy found befitting official recognition through the award of the PADMA SHREE in 1984, the Sahitya Kala Parishad Award in 1990 and the prestigious Sangeet Natak Award in 1992. They have also had the honour of being awarded with the 2nd highest civilian award in India, the Padma Bhushan award of the new millennium, individually but simultaneously in the year 2000.

The dancing duo Raja and Radha Reddy are also one of the most sought after choreographers in the country today. In their career spanning over four decades they have choreographed several dance dramas, solos, duets and group performances. Through their choreographies they have brought a freshness and refinement to Kuchipudi dance form making it more presentable and acceptable to the modern cosmopolitan audiences across the world.

In 1976 Raja-Radha Reddy established their institute Natya Tarangini. It began as temple for learning Kuchipudi dance, where the younger generation was taught Kuchipudi through a systematic syllabus developed by the couple. But after years of undeterred commitment, Natya Tarangini grown immensely. What started as a passion for Raja and Radha has now changed into a tradition with both maestros working, indefatigably, towards the 'Preservation and Propagation of Music and Dance in India'.
Kaushalya Reddy
  Kaushalya Reddy

Gifted with a svelte figure, a pretty and sensitive face, flawless footwork and scintillating grace, Kaushalya has in abundance all that it takes to be a first rate danseuse. Today she is considered as one of the most talented and established artists of the world-famous dance form of Kuchipudi.

Moulded in the strict discipline and austere commitment of the Sidhendra Kalakshetra of Kuchipudi village in Andra Pradesh and trained under the renouwned dancers, Vedantam Rattiah Sarma and Raja-Radha Reddy's stringent and meticulous supervision. Kaushalya is a superb example of the union of a strong tradition with willingness--to experiment through her intellect and aesthetics.

Dancing since her childhood, she has been receiving rave reviews for her performnaces. Her potrayal of young ‘Prahlada’ in a dance drama staged by Raja-Radha Reddy is still considered as brilliant by many an art critic or a connoisseur of this dance form. As a delegate of the Government of India, Kaushalya has performed across all the continents of the world.

She has been the key person conducting the affairs of Raja-Radha Reddy's performances all over the world for more than two decades. She also teaches Kuchipudi dance to the younger generation of students at Natya Tarangini, day in and day out and is the real arbiter of the Reddys' glorious annual series of music & dance festival, the ‘Parampara'.
Yamini Reddy
  Yamini Reddy

Born to the legendary Kuchipudi exponents, Padma Bhushans Raja and Radha Reddy in 1982, Yamini has got dance in inheritance from her parents. Dance comes naturally to Yamini as swimming to a fish.

She is a multi-faceted personality. Endowed with a sculpted figure, a perfect face and scintillating grace, a very captivating presence with the right aptitude for rhythm and expressions, Yamini Reddy has in abundance all that it takes to be a first rate danseuse.

Yamini learnt Kuchipudi from her parents and gave her first solo performance at the tender age of three in New Delhi that got her standing
ovation. She has inherited her father's Tandava and mother's lasya, a combination that is evident in her style. Famous parents can prove to be a tough yardstick for their kids, especially those who aspire to make their own niche in the same field. Yet, Yamini refuses to be intimidated by the tough road in front of her.

The younger generation today believes in experimenting and that is essential too but continuity is also necessary. The future is to be built on the foundations laid on the past and the present. With the adage in mind, Yamini has decided to master the conventional style of performing Kuchipudi dance. She is the thread of continuity in the family tradition of the Reddys. Yamini was selected to study medicine abroad but gave up the offer to stay back and learn what is most dear to her heart.... Kuchipudi classical dance. Yamini has toured the United Kingdom. France, the United States and Dubai. In Dublin(Ireland) and Fort Lauderdale (USA), the Mayors presented her with the golden key to the cities. . She has been awarded the 'Yuva Ratna Award' Youth Vocational Excellence award, FICCI young achiever's award, Devadasi National Award and Sangeet Natak Akademi Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for dedication towards Kuchipudi Dance.

She has also started experimenting with choreography in her own style. Recently she in 2007 she presented 'Harmony' in collaboration with Modern Dancer Leah Curtis from New York which blended the worlds of Kuchipudi Dance and Modern Dance. She was selected for studies abroad in the field of medicine but gave up the offer to stay back and learn and practise what is most dear to her heart. She has recently concluded her post graduation with a MBA degree in New Delhi.
Bhavana Reddy
  Bhavana Reddy

Bhavana was born to Raja and Kaushalya on 20th March, 1990. Bhavna, by birth, has the God’s gift to understand and analyze Rhythm.

Despite her age, she is dedicated to learn Kuchipudi dance and music. Bhavana is also learning Carnatic style of India classical singing and how to play violin. She has an inborn attitude towards dance and music together with a sense of instinctive response. Bhavana has a very good stage presence, with good expression that come naturally to her. She is excellent in the rhythmic and the expressions part of Kuchipudi dance. Bhavana gives solo performances and takes part in dance-dramas. She enacted the role of Prahlada in "Prahlada Charitam" at USA which got her wide acclaim.

Bhavana accompanies Raja Radha and Kaushalya Reddy on their performances world-wide. She has already toured Dubai (1997-1998), and the U.S.A. (1998), Europe (2001), South East Asia (2000) and United States (2003).
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