About Us

Dr. J. Retnakumar, founder of Bhavalaya, is an art lover. His passion for art and culture arises from his inborn yearning to create and support artistic endeavours.
Recognising the critical global challenges of the 21st century, the lack of a common platform to unite, the requirement of the mobilisation and cross-fertilisation of artisan and practitioners in the fields of the arts both nationally and internationally, germinated the seeds of Bhavalaya.
The forum will comprise experienced and renowned team of senior artists and creators who will accelerate the process of creation and glory

Our Mission:
Bhavalaya intends to serve the international arts community by promoting and documenting work at the intersection of the arts and creativity and by encouraging and stimulating collaboration between artists of varying culture and heritage.

Our Vision:
To create a universal platform for artists of all origin, nature and culture Bhavalaya is a cultural mirror of the art it serves. The institution will offer a diverse platform reflective of our changing society and then celebrate that diversity through performance and exhibition.

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